Remizov Ludwig Pavlovich

February 28, 1938

A native of Kiev, Ukraine

Graduates of the Kiev Suvorov Military School. The issue of 1955.

higher engineer-physicist / MIPT /
teacher-translator / CC IN-JAZ /, French, English, Italian. languages
photojournalist / VCDR /
mountaineering instructor / AUCCTU-1964 /
Alpine Skiing Instructor / AUCCTU-1964 /

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences - 1971
dissertation on "The technique and methodology of skiing"

Academic rank: Senior Researcher - 1982

mountain and hiking tourism - 3 rd category
mountain skiing, mountaineering - 1st category
judge of the All-Union and republican categories for alpine skiing

AWARDED departmental badges for the development of tourism / 1988 / and sports in the USSR / 1990 /

The author of more than 150 scientific and methodical works on tourism, sports and mountain skiing, incl. 7 manuals and books, 3 educational films, all-union programs for the training of ski equipment (1969, 1976, 1996), translations of books from French (7) and from Italian / 2 / languages

Work and activities in tourism and sports:

from 1964 to the present time, the instructor in mountain skiing, incl. officially abroad in 1992-96. in France, 1999 in Andorra
1969-84 - art. Research Assistant, Assistant Rector for International Affairs at the State Central Institute of Physical Culture, Lecturer in Alpine Skiing at the Department of Skiing and at the seminars of the Coaching Council of the Federation of Alpine Skiing of Russia and the USSR
1984-88 - Associate Professor of the Department of Physical Education of the Plant-VTUZA under ZIL, the initiator of the creation of the ZIL center in Mtsensk.
1988-91 - Associate Professor, Head of the Department. ski department of the Department of Tourism of the Institute for Advanced Training of Workers of Tourist and Excursion Organizations
1970-76 - Director of Schools for the training of ski instructors of the Elbrus Board of Tourism and the Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR
1976-91 - the initiator of the creation, the chairman of the Central Commission for the operation of skiing tourist complexes, the permanent director of the All-Union School for the Training and Upgrading of Ski Instructors of the CSTE of the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions
1988-92 - initiator of the creation and vice-president of the All-Union Skiing Club (VS VDFSO trade unions)
1966-94 - Member of the presidiums of the Federation of Alpine Skiing of the RSFSR, the USSR and the Russian Federation.
1984-92 - head, deputy complex scientific group and author of complex training programs for the USSR Olympic teams in mountain skiing
since 1992 - member of the Executive Committee of the International Confederation of Sports Organizations (ISCO) and the Confederation of Sports Organizations of Russia (CRRF)
1967-92 - Member of the USSR-France Friendship Society, 1992-98 Vice-President, 1980 to present Chairman of the Sports Commission of the Association of Friends of France (ADF)
1995-00 - manager of tour companies "Alpindustria" and "INNA-TOUR"
2000-03 - Associate Professor of the Department of Sports Tourism of the Institute of Tourism and Hospitality (Moscow State University of Service)
1994 - initiator of joining the International Association INTERSKI
1991 the initiator of the creation and the president of the All-Russian Association of Alpine Ski Instructors (VAGI, 65 branches and branches) - the Russian National Ski School (founders of the Federation of Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding of Russia and the Confederation of Sport Organizations of Russia), a member of the International Association INTERSKI, IKSO, CRRF, ADF, the International Tourist-Sports Union, the Russian Union of Travel Industry (RATA).
1993-07 trainer for special mountain skiing in the ski clubs of the FSO of the Russian President and cosmonauts of Russia
1994 the initiator of the creation and co-organizer of the system-convention of the permanent cooperation of the Russian national ski school with the National School of Ski and Mountaineering of France (ENSA) on the issues of mountain skiing and training of instructors

At present - Honorary President of the All-Russian Association of Ski Instructors