Since 1950 mass education of skiers and instructors' training staff (the most  important  events at the national level in the Soviet Union and Russia, the initiators, organizers and leading teachers)

1967 - The creation of Mountain-skiing tourism committee of Alpine skiing RSFSR, the first program of training tourist ski technique Federation SFS USSR. Authors Zyryanov V.A., Remizov L.P.

1972 - The holding of the first in the USSR School instructors GL Sport USSR Ministry of Defense "Terskol." Korgin VI, LP Remizov, Stepanov AV, Katina Y., V. Gorbunov, currants, Rutskoi BJ

1976 - The formation of the Central Commission for the operations of tourist ski resorts of the Central Council for Tourism and Excursions. Remizov LP, Belov VA Smirnov, B., Danilin VI Balashov FA, Lee V., V. Aleshin, Senin, VG, etc. Minenkova ., Zaitsev VV, Perlich MI, Mironchik V. Semenov, M., Sakharov VP Sobolkov YM, Batarshin A., Klimov, A., Sizov, M., Nicholas and . N. Zatselyapin AM, Urumbayev NA

1977 - established a National training instructors ski tourist complexes. Remizov LP Artsybyshev SV Aleshin VP Danilin VI Sizov, M. Belov, VA, Sakharov, VP, SV Klimenko, Elizarov, Shiryaev S ., Perlich MI, Papshev VS Krotov A. Semenov, M., B. and A. Fetisov, Klimov, A., M. Shurdumov, Dzhappuev M. Abayev, Urumbayev N. A.

1984 - founded the Moscow School instructors MGSPS (Mtsensk - ZIL) Balashov FA Remizov LP Danilin VI Lyakhovsky GS Babinina TA, Nikolaev, SN, C Artsybyshev . V. Krotov A., V. Lobanov, Yakimov M., Batarshin A. Legotina S. Mironchik V., Perlich MI, Papshev VS Moskatelnikova VY, Muranov Volokitin AS, Shadskaya, Kissin L. Minenkova TP, Kulikov V., V. Novikov-p

1987 - Training School instructors of ski tourism TSSTE VTsSPS

Remizov LP Titorenko A. Artsybyshev SV Danilin VI Papshev VS Moskatelnikova VY Semenov, JM

1991  Established a All-Russian Alpine Ski Association of ski instructors - The Russian national ski school. Remizov L.P. Danilin V.I., Makolkin V., Pavlov, S.V, MA Bogomolov, Senin VG Abaev IV (Particle), Bakanov ON (Kazan), Zakora VV (Sochi), VL Charger (Krasnodar), Martinoff V. (Novosibirsk), A. Sands (St. Petersburg), JR Soga (Elbrus), Strijov EF (Troitsk), AF Shelopugin (Komsomolsk-on-Amur)

1992 - the All-Union Ski Club Sun VDFSO unions (Maslachenko V., Yakimov M., Remizov LP)

1994- All-Russian Alpine Ski Instructors Association represents Russia in INTERSKI-International

1995- Certificates of the All-Russian Alpine Ski instructors Association are recognized in the EFPEM School of Sport and Mining professions. Official employment of Russian instructors.

1997 – the Russian training center of alpine skiing and snowboarding (Balashov FA, Glivenko ES Danilin VI Babinina TA, Novikov NV, Yakimov M., Moskatelnikova In Yu., Papshev VS Muranov, Kulikov VF, etc.)

2012 - Arthur Lozovsky was elected President of the All-Russian Alpine Ski Instructors Association

2012 - A contract was signed with the Italian school in the province of Val-di-Fassa on cooperation in the field of instructor personnel. Official employment of Russian instructors in Italy.

2013 - All-Russian Association of Ski Instructors represents Russia in the International federation of club instructors IVSI

2013 - Created by a club for lovers of alpine skiing and snowboarding.

2015 - ARASIA together with the All-Round resort Rosa Khutor, Alexei Kortnev and with the information support of the MKR-MEDIA - participated in the INTRESKI-2015 Congress in Ushuaia, Argentina and fought for the right to hold the INTERSKI Congress in Russia.

2015 – The created training center of Russian Alpine Ski School and the Department of Education of Moscow have been established, a license for additional education has been received under the program for training children and adults in alpine skiing and snowboarding.

2017 - ARASIA won in Japan at the IVSI Congress the right to hold the next Congress of Snow Sports Instructors (IVSI) in Russia at the resort Rosa Khutor.

2018 - ARASIA holds the first International Congress of Snow Sports and Tourism in Russia. Participants and observers from: North and South America, Austria, Andorra, Spain, Germany, Belarus, Ukraine, China, as well as representatives of Russian regions: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Yuzhny Sakhalin, Udmurtia, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk .. ...

2018 - An agreement was signed to hold the International Congress of Snow Instructors IWSI.
An agreement on mutually beneficial cooperation was signed with a Chinese company in the field of training Chinese tourists by Russian instructors.
A memorandum was signed with the South Korean ISA Association on cooperation and recognition of instructor documents.

2018 - ARASIA is a participant of the Business Forum of young entrepreneurs in Nizhny Novgorod. For the first time, the Association of such forums presents Snow Sports and the discussion is not only about the training system, but the business model of the organization is considered.

2019 - ARASIA participates in the international congress INTERSKI (Interski) and performs with a Demo program, as well as conducts master classes and lectures, see details here - Interski-2019. The Association, together with the INTERKI representative, the Chief Consul Fritz Mares, are developing an approach - inviting other participants of the Russian market from the field of skiing and snowboarding to participate in the international Interski Congress.

... Work continues!!!